Karaoke Equipment

Here’s the list of equipment you can expect to have at your show. Once you are through browsing go to our Karaoke song book site or return to our Karaoke services page.

List of equipment that I use on stage and in the studio
2AKGD850Dynamic vocal microphone
1American DJQuad Gem DMXLight Show
1BehringerB-Control Fader BCF2000USB/MIDI Controller
1BehringerEUROLIVE B205DActive PA/Monitor Speaker
2BehringerUCA202Audio Interface
1BoseL1 IIPA
1BoseT1 Tonematch EngineMixer
2BoseB1Sub Base Modules
1DellLatitude E6440Laptop Computer
1Electro VoiceN/D967Vocal Microphone
1KorgSD1000Digital Reverb
3ShurePG48-XLRVocal Microphone
1VenueTHINPAR 38Lighting Effect
1VenueTHINPAR 64Lighting Effect