Be sure and join Dwayne and me at the all new Blue Coyote in Blue Ridge Friday night! Congrats to Steve Willis and the staff on the name change and we’re looking forward to rockin’ the house on the 19th!

Be sure to join me tomorrow, Sunday, September 9, from 1:30 PM till 5:30 PM at Engelheim Vineyards. A beautiful place to listen to good music while you enjoy a great wine. See you there

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Alrighty Ladies and Gentelmen, Karaoke With Chip & Tracy is back on Tuesday nights at the Last Stop Bar & Grill. A lot of you have undoubtly heard that The Last Stop is under new management. That’s right! As of …

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Hey Gang, Whoo Hoo! We’re happy to announce that the Last Stop Bar & Grill is under new ownership and opened back up this morning! My buddy Dwayne and I’ll be there tonight under the name Blind Ambition! Be sure …

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Hey folks, outside of our control, there will not be Karaoke tonight at The Last Stop and I’m not sure when it will start back up or if it even will. I’ll keep you posted as I find out.

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Hello Everyone, Since moving to Georgia, my website has become more important than ever in growing my name recognition. To that end, As some of you have already seen, I’ve been hard at work giving my website an entire new …

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Hi Folks, While looking through my default mail/catch all box earlier I noticed a bunch of returned emails. Opening them I found where certain mail providers such as AOL, Bellsouth, and ATT were rejecting my mailings. Upon investigation I found …

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Behringer BCF2000 by Feel Notes for the Blind User (Revision 5)   By Neil J. Graham, Chris Smart and Tim Burgess With Additional Contributions From Around the Web.   (Note: I’m posting this knowing that it may be a bit …

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This weekend finds me tonight at Blue Jeans Pizza in Blue Ridge and Satutrday night at 1907 in Ellijay. Be sure to say hi when you drop in!

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