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Hi folks, Starting tonight we have new hours at the Blue Coyote in Blue Ridge. We will be taking the stage for Karaoke at 7pm. Be sure to join us at the new start time to sing all your favorites. …

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Alrighty Ladies and Gentelmen, Karaoke With Chip & Tracy is back on Tuesday nights at the Last Stop Bar & Grill. A lot of you have undoubtly heard that The Last Stop is under new management. That’s right! As of …

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Hey folks, outside of our control, there will not be Karaoke tonight at The Last Stop and I’m not sure when it will start back up or if it even will. I’ll keep you posted as I find out.

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Hey boys and girls, Tonight at 8:30pm Tracy & I’ll be kicking off Karaoke With Chip & Tracy at The Last Stop Bar & Grill in lovely Blue Ridge. C’mon out and belt out your favorite tunes with us.

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