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The First Track From My Newest CD Has Been Posted!

Hi Gang,

The first track from my newest CD, “In The Dark” has been posted to my Audio/Video page. You can take a listen here. The CD is in process and isn’t complete, and none of the tracks have yet to go through their final mastering, but I wanted to share this track with you. This CD will be all original tunes, and most will be instrumentals. Scheduled to come out in the Fall, the CD will contain the tracks you folks have been asking me to record for the past few years. YES! Too Late To Come Home Early, Ordinary Lovers, Let Me Tell You About My Baby, Reach Out and more will finally be released. Thanks goes out to my love Tracy for putting up with me during the recording process, and my good friend Ben Watson for being a pain in the ass, which made me finely get off my ass to record these tunes. I hope you enjoy and don’t be afraid to comment.

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